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Launched in 2009, Karur Classifieds is a free online classified portal for Real estate Properties in Karur - where buyers, sellers, brokers, and agents can exchange information about properties such as - houses, Apartments, and Agriculture Lands, commercial buildings, plots, and lands in Karur. This is the most reputed and trusted real estate and properties portal in Karur city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

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Our mission is to provide free online advertisements for the real estate properties in Karur, so that the properties are available globally - which will help the owners, buyers, sellers, brokers, and agents; who wish to buy/sell/rent their properties in Karur


Our vision is to become the best free classifieds for real estate and properties portal in Karur by providing free online advertisements for the Karur properties and real estate. We work in such a way; that in the future - if anyone thinks of properties in Karur, they should immediately recommend and suggest Karur classifieds.

Our Story

After the growth of internet facilities in 2007, people in Karur started utilizing online services and online shopping. This has forced most of the retail shops in Karur to include an online portal for their business.

Based on the Karur people's interest in online services for Properties, Karur classifieds was launched in 2009 as free online classifieds exclusively for real estate and properties in Karur. We have made it easy for advertising properties in Karur free of cost. Karur Classifieds have been appreciated and accepted by owners, sellers, buyers, brokers, and agents of the properties in Karur.

Our Services

Karur Classifieds offers services exclusively for Real estate and properties in Karur. The properties of Real estate in Karur include - houses, apartments, lands, plots, DTCP approved plots, agriculture lands.

Our services for houses include - house for sale in Karur, house for rent in Karur, house for sale near me, house for rent near me, house for lease, Apartment for sale/rent in Karur. House sale in Karur below 30 lakhs, 20 lakhs, and 10 Lakhs. Find our latest list of house for sale in Karur here.

Our services for Land Include - land for sale in Karur, land for rent in Karur, land for sale near me, land for rent near me, and Agriculture land for sale in Karur. Find more about plots / land for sale in Karur here.

Our service for Brokers in Karur includes - Brokers in Karur, land brokers in Karur, house brokers in Karur, and Real estate brokers in Karur.

Our plot services include Municipality-approved plots and DTCP approved plots for sale in Karur.

How to Use Karur Classifieds?

To advertise your property in Karur, you need to register in the Karur classifieds portal as an owner, seller, broker, or agent. You need to upload the images of the properties along with the details of the properties such as price, square feet area, new or old property, location of the property in Karur, etc. There is also a featured listing for properties in Karur classifieds which will attract more buyers. Once you have uploaded your property details, customer support staff will examine your property and will approve the property for listing. Once we approve your listing, the property will be displayed to all the users of the Karur classifieds. Then an interested buyer will contact you through email or the mobile number which you have provided along with your listing. Once your property is sold you may update it as sold in your property listing. Hence we are the best free Karur Classifieds for properties in Karur.

We recommend you to read our disclaimer (given below) before listing your property or buying property from Karur Classifieds.


Karur Classifieds Services is only an intermediary offering its platform to advertise properties of Seller for a Customer/Buyer/User coming on its Website and is not and cannot be a party to or privy to or control in any manner any transactions between the Seller and the Customer/Buyer/User. All the offers and discounts on this Website have been extended by various Builders /Developers who have advertised their products. Karur classifieds are only communicating the offers and not selling or rendering any of those products or services. It neither warrants nor is it making any representations with respect to offer(s) made on the site. Karur Classifieds shall neither be responsible nor liable to mediate or resolve any disputes or disagreements between the Customer/Buyer/User and the Seller and both Seller and Customer/Buyer/User shall settle all such disputes without involving Karur classifieds in any manner. Please read our terms of service.

Contact Us

You can contact us and submit your enquiry or doubts in the contact us form available on the contact us page of Karur classifieds. You can also write your feedback through email.