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House for sale in karur. We are Builders, we build and sell houses. If you wish to build your own house, you can contact us....

  • Price in Lakhs ₹: 58 Lakhs

 House for sale /  Gandhigramam Karur / 551 views / Featured

₹ 5,800,000.00

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2 BHK house for sale in Karur the master bedroom is attached with a bathroom and toilet. Borewell is attached to this house. underground water...

  • Price in Lakhs ₹: 40 Lakhs

 House for sale /  Vengamedu Karur / 538 views / Featured

₹ 4,000,000.00

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Individual house for sale in Karur 1500 square feet, Compound wall Eb connection, Borewell with motor fitted Granite flooring, Tiles fitted kitchen and Bathroom Ready...

  • Price in Lakhs ₹: 60 Lakhs

 House for sale /  Thanthonimalai Karur / 513 views / Featured

₹ 6,000,000.00

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Land for sale in Karur Gandhigramam is shown in the above image, no pollution on this land. This is a Housing plot; Houses are being...

  • Price in Lakhs ₹: 21 Lakhs

 Land For sale /  Gandhigramam Karur / 463 views

₹ 2,100,000.00

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Land sale in Karur below 10 Lakhs, this is a residential plot, and houses will be constructed on plots opposite and adjacent to it. This...

  • Price in Lakhs ₹: 10 Lakhs

 Land For sale /  Gandhigramam Karur / 456 views

₹ 1,000,000.00

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Karur Land Sale, This is a residential plot, Houses will be built on adjacent and opposite plots.  There is no pollution on this land. This...

  • Price in Lakhs ₹: 12 Lakhs

 Land For sale /  Thanthonimalai Karur / 446 views

₹ 1,200,000.00

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House for sale in Karur below 30 Lakhs. one bedroom with attached bathroom available. one bathroom is available near the parking. Borewell is available. overhead...

  • Price in Lakhs ₹: 30 Lakhs

 House for sale /  Thanthonimalai Karur / 507 views

₹ 3,000,000.00

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House for sale in Karur below 20 Lakhs. There is a common bathroom in the house. Floor tiles fitted. Car parking available Borewell available View...

  • Price in Lakhs ₹: 20 Lakhs

 House for sale /  Gandhigramam Karur / 513 views

₹ 2,000,000.00

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New house for sale in Karur. construction is almost finished. Painting is yet to be done. Two bedrooms are attached with 2 bathrooms. Car parking...

  • Price in Lakhs ₹: 45 Lakhs

 House for sale /  Vengamedu Karur / 488 views

₹ 4,500,000.00

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under construction house for sale in Karur. 2BHK house has a bore well and municipality water connection. The house is facing the east direction which...

  • Price in Lakhs ₹: 52

 House for sale /  Pasupathipalayam Karur / 490 views

₹ 5,200,000.00

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